You Never Know When

ShareOur first Widow Voyages trip of 2017 was a small group and I allowed one our widows to bring her mother along to help fill out the group so we could still go. It was a first for our trip to include a non-widowed person, but I knew the widow coming and figured having a

Camp Widow East – 2016

ShareThe second week of March I flew to Tampa, Florida to join two of my best widow friends at Bilmar Beach Resort  in Treasure Island for a few days of rest and relaxation before we met the rest of the widows at the Marriott Waterside hotel for my 5th Camp Widow conference. I needed a


What if he dies?

ShareAs I chatted about life, my control issues, my constant trying to bypass any negative impact on my life, I found myself sobbing. It was a major breakthrough and as you may know, breakthroughs in therapy are exhausting, reflecting, and disheartening. It means you’ve come far, but you’ve got a lot of work ahead. My

Learning Empathy

ShareFor the past several weeks I’ve felt a calm in my heart and soul. Sadness has been creeping in – thinking about Kevin, putting down our oldest dog, coming up on the due date of the child we lost in miscarriage – but over the past several weeks I’ve never once felt that I couldn’t