Empowerment and Inspiration

Last night I attended a local female entrepreneur event where we did mindful movement with a partner in the group – someone I hadn’t met before. It was incredibly powerful. Really, the entire event was that. In spite of the fact that I’ve been self employed before – as a Mary Kay rep, as a travel writer, as an author – I haven’t really felt like an entrepreneur until this spring when I launched Widow Voyages. Everything before that felt more like a hobby than a career. All the things before often cost me more money than it made me.

As we rubbed our hands together and then placed then within an inch of our partners hands, I could feel the transfer of energy. We were forced to lock eyes for minutes without looking away. It was difficult not to awkwardly laugh at times, but then we found ourselves smiling. Locked into each other and our power as women. Our backs pressed up against each other in a seated position on the yoga mat. Supporting one another. Breathing with one another. It was intense and beautiful. We breathed in our mantras. Mine being “I am inspirational.” I hugged her afterwards, feeling like I had gained a new friend in just 30 short minutes, without words.

It’s so hard to give yourself credit sometimes. It’s hard to not just laugh at yourself. It’s hard to take yourself serious sometimes. It’s hard to admit this is actually your life. It’s hard to support each other. It’s hard not to tear each other down. It’s hard not to criticize. Yet last night it wasn’t hard at all. It felt incredible to do all of that.

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