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I’ve felt like most of my blogs as of late have been very broad, sort of, where’s life heading? kind of posts.  I’m happy to take some time this evening to post pictures that represent the 4 elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air.  My friend Amber DeGrace nominated me on her blog – thanks Amber!

The theme of  Thomas Cook’s ‘Explore the Elements’ photo competition conjures up a great memory for me: on the first Christmas I spent with my late husband, he purchased me gifts that were the 4 elements: a water fountain for water, a crystal candle holder for earth and fire, and a wind chime for air.  I have always felt connected to the earth and its elements.  I find most of my joy being out in the elements and I’m happiest when I’m connected right with nature either on a hiking trail, towing our Scamp to the next campsite, walking my dogs, or just sitting in the backyard by a campfire.



A stop along the Pacific Coast Highway in California. As the water washes up against the hard earth, plants still manage to take root in spite of all their obstacles.


















Great Smoky Mountain National Park – This creek flowed along the hiking trail I was on and the mist captured me. These rocks have been washed over time and again becoming guides to the water that trickles past.
































Some of the most beautiful sunsets are seen just a short walk from my front door. On this particular evening, I pulled over on my drive home to find the sky on fire and warm with the colors of the sun reflected against the snowy fields.



















Chickies Rock County Park is a short distance from my home in Pennsylvania. I took a hike on a cool winter day as the fog seeped around the woods and rocks. I always reflect on life when I put my feet to the dirt along a trail, and the fogginess along this path caused me to stop and and savor a good life.















I nominate 5 others to participate:


1. Savannah Grace who has published several memoirs detailing her family’s 4 year backpacking journey.

2. Tracey Friley who runs, among many other things, the Passport Party Project that encourages underserved girls to get their passports.

3.  Ann, fellow widow, and blogger for Kickass Living who presses on no matter what.

4.  April Thompson, the Absolute Travel Addict, who finds great pleasure in helping others carve out time for their dreams.

5.  Kam, a fellow #hikerchat alum, who has amazing outdoor tips at Campfire Chic.



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  1. I love all of these photographs! I particularly like the Earth shot – so beautiful. It was nice to hear about your personal experience with the elements. Thank you for sharing, Brenda!

  2. Thank you for the nomination Amber! I always enjoy your photography and inspirations.

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