Hippocamp – a writers’ camp that includes the novice

I recently asked Donna Talarico, founder and publisher of Hippocampus Magazine and Hippocamp – A Conference for Creative Nonfiction Writers, the benefits that novice writers would find in attending her upcoming camp which is next week right here in downtown Lancaster, PA.  I have friends and readers from all levels of writing; attending a camp as a novice can be intimidating!  She assured me there’s room for all at this 3 day conference held August 7-9 at the Lancaster County Convention center.

Talarico shared, “Writers will have a chance to talk with other writers of all skill levels; sometimes the best parts about a conference is learning spontaneously from these offline conversations.”

You will get to hear literary readings including six first-time authors on Friday night which will be a great experience for novice writers.  Those first time writers will also be part of a panel discussion on Saturday morning to discuss how they got published.

If you’re wondering how publishing works, you can listen to advice from experts, literary agents and editors on what they are looking for when you submit your work.  Talarico suggests the “LIVE” track for novice writers which will approach such subjects as overcoming obstacles and fears of publishing, self-editing, and how to get published in literary magazines.
Not to miss is the “Jane Friedman’s keynote – she’ll talk about the publishing world of today, where there are more options than ever to share work with the world. This will be wonderful for new writers to hear,” assures Talarico.
I still consider myself a novice-I’ve self published one book and have been writing with a purpose for 7 years, but there is so much to learn.  Come on out to get some tips on how to get started, and maybe even learn how to finish.  You can register here.

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