How to Have a Girls Night Out on the Cheap

We all know that hanging out with “the girls” can be budget breaking. In an economy where every penny counts, it has become harder to go out with our favorite friends without going over our spending limits. Here are a few suggestions for ways to find cheap but fun entertainment.

Instead of having a girls’ night out, choose a girls’ night in! A potluck dinner or brunch is the way to go, and that includes BYOB (bring your own beverage). It is usually best to choose a theme for the food so you don’t end up with Mexican rice and Italian pasta. Once you select a theme for your food, as the hostess, assign your friends certain categories, i.e., appetizer, soup, dessert. This ensures you will have a full balanced meal of goodies.

The BYOB can be difficult, but when you offer this up, your girlfriends each get to drink the alcohol of their choice, and between a few bottles of goodies, you are sure to have a fabulous champagne punch at a minimum. There’s no need for everyone to bring their full liquor cabinet, just a few light, refreshing drinks to enjoy on their own, or to share.

If you really need to get out, find economical ways to do so. If you live near a town center, look for free attractions. Many towns have a night when all galleries are open and serve free refreshments and even cocktails. It’s a great way to celebrate happy hour, observe some interesting art (great for conversation), and all for free!

Another idea is to take full advantage of happy hour specials. This may mean starting your girls night out at 4pm, but it is wallet friendly, and guarantees you’ll be home with your significant others early enough to tell them funny, drunken tales of the evening. Often times, happy hour specials not only cover drinks, but offer up cheap or free appetizers and dinners.

A girls night out doesn’t have to blow your budget, and can still be an amazingly fun time for all, even if it’s on the cheap. Be creative, open the doors of your home, and get flexible. It’s the only way to keep your savings, and your sanity, in this economy.

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