Second Leg of the Journey

I packed…and I bought stuff, and my suitcases still close!!! That doesn’t mean it won’t weigh more than it’s supposed to, but at least it closes. I think after all my travels, my wonderful PINK (yes, pink, I’m a mary kay girl) suitcases are breaking apart inside. It’s a little disturbing, but kind of cool. It means I’ve done a LOT of travel, and that makes me happy.

I’m really excited for this next leg of journey, but it’s going to be sad to leave my California “family”. It’s been a great, therapeutic, happy, smily, sometimes sad, but wonderful trip. Great timing on my part. Everywhere we went that would have been PACKED over the summer or holidays, were completely bare and able to be explored. I can’t wait to post the pictures for all of you to enjoy. Soon, I promise!

Please keep the comments coming, I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading them, and it gives all of you a chance to see who’s on this journey with me.

Keep me in your prayers as I move onto the next leg of the journey, as I battle the Seattle rain (although the weather report doesn’t look too depressing), and as I continue to deal with the reality of my situation.

Love you all.

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  1. I’m so glad you are enjoying your trip. You look absolutely beautiful in your pics. I will continue to keep you covered in prayer.

    I came across your blog from Spark People. You have touched my heart. You have a beautiful spirit considering what you have had to go thru. If I ever go to Lancaster maybe we could meet at the Prince Street Cafe. I love coffee and chatting with friends.
    love and blessings,

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