Top 5 Treats of 2013

I really love online shopping.  As the UPS man found out this year, I have a much better paying job than previous years, so I had fun with that!  I realize Christmas is less than a week away, but I wanted to share with you some really wonderful quality products that I recommend.

Smartwool Socks 

Ok, so they’re $20 socks.  But the socks are knit the U.S. and the company has an awesome mission/value statement.  Plus, they’re wonderful socks for all your activity.  I have several pairs that I wear for hiking and at the office and I love their wicking ability without the typical itch of wool.

 Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Liquid Soap  

Dr. Bronner was kooky.  I watched the documentary, I read his bottle label, he seems like a nut.  But this tingly, zingy, get you moving in the morning soap is just plain amazing!  You can use it without water to clean pretty much anything on your body and it’s safe to use out in the wild if you’re worried about water contamination/leave no trace.


Epsom Salt 

My Mom was a believer in epsom salt foot soaks to injure my constantly sprained ankle and that carried into adulthood.  Every other night I usually take an epsom salt soak with 5 drops of lavender oil to relieve aches and pains and to help me relax before bed.  I swear by it, and I can tell you I haven’t needed a sleeping aid, short of a bad cold this Fall, for nearly 4 years.

Gold in the Days of Summer 

Susan can write.  This great little book is a wonderful tale about a girl and her explorations with her family, sister, veteran neighbor and the changes happening with her grandma.  It’s touching and as I read it, I related to her characters.  It’s a wonderful and quick read, so snatch up a copy.

Sweet Leaf Tea in Mint & Honey  

When it’s served cold, it’s refreshing, slightly sweet, and comforting.  It’s a great drink to chug when you’re in need of thirst quenching, and I love the light flavor.


I hope you enjoy some of my top favorite things of this year.  For more, you can follow Brenda’s Favorite Things on Pinterest!

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