Update on the J Cancer Squad…remember?

It’s been months since I have made mention of my former Quad J Cancer Squad, but today there is a very sad, but important update.

Unfortunately, now two of the J’s have passed from this world. We lost Jennifer to Angiosarcoma last year, which was such a sad loss for me, as her and I connected on a deep level through our personal experiences with Angiosarcoma.

Today the world loses Jerry, to esophagael cancer. I met Jerry’s family at a local church, and our families prayed for one another as both Kevin & Jerry faced very similar surgeries and situations dealing with esophagael located cancers. He has battled long and hard, with many ups and downs, and today, he rests, and his family does as well, but it is such a weary, lonesome rest.

I am happy to say the other two J’s are doing well-Julie is in remission and doing great-she is such an amazing spirit. I do not have the official update on Jason, but I know he is around and from what I understand, well.

With Jerry’s loss, I know that another widow has entered the world. I know that children have lost their father. I know a community has lost a great man, an amazing musician, and a kind soul.

While I never got to know Jerry well, I walked with their family and journeyed with them and their story as they have faced this battle of cancer, and it is never easy. I will walk with them now. Sending love and hugs.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. It’s hard to believe he’s gone.

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