A Little Musical Healing

Ok, today rocked.

I went boating with friends of mine out on the Susque and got great dog therapy (boxer mutt and Rottie) time along with some sunshine and hey people, even a SANDAL TAN. Even though I’ve spent lots of hours in the sun this summer, I have had yet to get a sandal tan. Yes I’m happy about my sandal tan. It means that my permanent band geek sock tan is no longer!

Afterwards, I came home and grabbed a shower. I thought..well, I have some to kill before heading out to Long’s Park’s music in the park (I try to go every week if possible) so I took out Kevin’s acoustic guitar.

I play 4 instruments: piano, tuba, baritone and a teensy bit of bass guitar. I could slide by on bass only because it was 4 strings and my 12 year old looking hands didn’t have to reach far. I’ve tried to learn Kevin’s acoustic before, but to no avail. The stretching of these kids hands, it just didn’t work.

Well, tonight, that was not the case. I self taught myself 3 more minor “chords” (brenda’s version of a guitar chord since I’m leaning by ear, not by book) and wrote a little song called “Take this pain”. I don’t know if I’ll remember it to play it again, but I’m going to try to pick it up at least every night. I feel Kevin’s voice in that guitar. He used to write me songs, so now, I’m going to write him songs.

My fingers are numb, but I was so excited to share this, I’m typing anyways.

Looking forward to a night in the park on a gorgeous evening with my pen, paper, snacks, and of course, a blanket. Me, music, and my mind.

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