Ask the Big Questions

Wednesday night I’m meeting with a group of like-minded women to talk about life.

I  have too many big questions.

I don’t want a bible study.

I don’t want a book group.

I want a big life questions group.  I want to ask all the questions that I feel uncomfortable asking in public: on the blog, on Twitter, on Facebook.  The questions the embarrass me, worry me, frighten me and excite me.  I can only hope in asking these questions with these women that I will feel empowered to seek answers and to share the journey to understanding with you.  But until then, it’s become really difficult to blog.

With the memoir being printed in the next two weeks, I know that I should, as a good marketer, be active and engaged with all of you, my readers!  And I want to be, but I’m not sure how to do it anymore.

I’ve been fortunate never to have too many “haters” hit me with mean comments.  Very fortunate.  But others haven’t been and I have seen them be bashed on social media forums for sharing their beliefs.  That scares me.  When will I cross the line that I’ll be bashed?  I don’t know if I could handle it.

I have some big ideas, thoughts and questions that I want to shout out to the heavens, but I’m terrified of what I will and won’t hear back.

So on Wednesday night, with these few women, I want to ask them.  And I have a feeling I won’t be bashed, but I’ll be loved.  Because that’s all I’ve ever wanted – to be loved in spite of my big questions.  To be loved FOR asking the big questions.

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