Yesterday was beautiful, yet one of the most difficult days I have faced. The hardest part is that I know I will have even more difficult days ahead as the realization hits me that Kev is gone.

What you all shared with me yesterday, and with Linda and Ken, was love and warmth and caring. THank you so much for that gift to us. We were ableto celebrate Kevin’s life in a way he would have loved, so thank you so much for this.

It was so hard leaving the church yesterday knowing that the fight really is over and now I am on my own. I know I have so many of you, and God, surrounding me, but it is still a surreal feeling.

You surround me all, and I thank you.

Please be with all of us, as Doug travels back to Beeton, Ontario, and as Linda, Ken and I hopefully all get on the SAME plan back to Winnipeg on Wednesday. I will be there until Monday to be with them, and to participate in the wake in Kevin’s honor.

It is so hard….

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  1. I just wanted to tell you that you looked beautiful yesterday! Kevin would have loved that dress!

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