Cancer Takes Again

Siren & I in Winnipeg

Angiosarcoma struck again, this time, with a dog. One of my dearest friends last night lost their dog to what is believed to be an angiosarcoma tumor of the heart, which occurs in dogs. When I first researched Angiosarcoma, I could only find information about it occuring in dogs.

The sad twist on this story, is that it’s the dog of Kevin’s best friend. Who has now lost two special things in his life to this disease. It certainly got me thinking last night as I was texting back and forth getting the updates on the dog…it took me back to what I recently posted about never loving so you never have to lose.

Getting attached to things on this earth is both difficult and magnificant. It is great when you have them, horrible when you no longer do. Angiosarcoma, and Cancer in general, has taken so much from so many. It does not give back anything.

We learn so many things from our lives being impacted by cancer, however. Lessons we may never have learned if not for cancer. Do I thank cancer for that? Hell no. But I am still grateful that at least I was challenged by it in my mindset, in my faith, in my belief in the human spirit, and my hope for love.

Cancer takes many lives, it ruins many things here on earth, but I hope we can continue to see the virtue that comes out of being impacted by something as horrible as it. My hope is that we do not forget to learn from these things that are so bitter.

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