Completing the Book Proposal

Upon sending my near final draft of my book proposal to my editor, I posted this on Facebook:
As self involved sounds, writing that query letter was fun. It’s nice to see how many awards and writing accomplishments I’ve achieved the past 4 years. I.always said I couldn’t write anything lengthy because I didn’t have a story to tell. Kevin gave me one, and then asked me to share it with the world. All of you encouraged me to continue, and here I am, 4.5 years after first diving into writing this emotional memoir, and Thursday I will submit it for competition. Whatever the outcome, publisher or not, it will be published, printed, ebooked, distributed and marketed. It’s time to take this baby out into the world.  Now, 24 hours until I declare a self deadline to title the darned thing!  No wonder people have trouble picking their kid’s names 😉

I’m looking forward to returning to blogging soon. I hope you’ll join me as a reader, encourager, and promoter

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