Consolidated Credit Counseling Services Great for Managing High Credit Card Debt

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services is an excellent debt consolidation company. Having dealt with numerous calls from my creditors, and feeling the pressure of mounting bills and late fees, I gave in to and explored the option of debt consolidation in early 2006. It is a scary process for anyone to enter. No one wants to admit that they have gotten to the point where almost every credit card is “maxed” out, and you can no longer afford to make the minimum payments on every card.

When you do come to the point of giving into reality, I highly recommend turning to Consolidated Credit Counseling Services to begin your debt consolidated process. Begin by visiting their website at Directly from their secure site, you can begin the process of listing all the debts you want to consolidate along with contact information.

Once you submit that information, a debt consultant will contact you to discuss your estimated monthly payment and will work with you and your creditors to bring down your current interest rates. Sometimes, they can also have the creditors drop accrued late fees if you are behind on payments.

Once the creditors are on board, they will notify you of the small activation fee of around $50, and the due date of your monthly payment. You may choose to have it auto-withdrawn from you bank account for $5.00 per month additional to your payment.

CCCS takes the time to work with you so that you feel comfortable entering into a debt consolidation agreement. In just two years into the program my debt was paid in half. It is so exciting every month to get credit card statements showing lower interest rates, and to see how quickly the debt is lowered.

If I had stayed on the path I was in 2006, I am sure my debt would still be the same, if not more from high interest rates and only being able to make the minimum payments. As hard as it was to admit defeat, it was one of the best financial decisions I have ever made to improve my financial future.

CCCS is very understanding. There have been times when I have made a late payment, and they are understanding and considerate of the financial situations of which you are a part. They will work with you to get you back on track. Be aware that when you do make a late payment, there is a chance for you to be dropped from the program, or your interest rates to increase.

Overall, CCCS is great for anyone looking to lower their monthly bills and work to pay off their debt. It is a safe option for those skeptical of credit consolidation companies. They are members of the Better Business Bureau and have many accolades for their success. I highly recommend CCCS to anyone looking for a brighter financial future. it is never too late to get back on track.

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