Happy Father’s Day

Just a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to everyone, my father, and frankly, my parents in particular.
My parents have always been so supportive of me, especially over this past year.

I want to share one memory in particular of my dad:

Just a few weeks before I started my senior year of high school my Dad was diagnosed with a Lymphoma tumor that was a large mass resting against his spine. He had surgery to remove it, and at the time they thought it was benign.

When it came back that it was cancer, I can remember crying on the couch in my parents living room uncertain of the future. I can only NOW know what my Mom must have felt at the time.

I was drum major of the marching band that year, and my parents wouldn’t let me stay home-they insisted I stay busy, and that was best. Despite the surgery, and then several months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, I don’t recall my Dad missing any (maybe 1?) football games or competitions. Not only did he show up, but he helped drive the band truck, and get the props out on the field for competition.

His strength and endurance instilled a lot of hope in me-and he overcame. My Dad is now heading into his 8th year of remission.

I can’t imagine how hard it was for him to see Kevin having to battle cancer as well-I often saw him tear up and compose himself watching Kevin battle ahead.

I love you Dad. Thank you for the values you instilled in me-you and Mom together made me the person I am today.

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