Ok day. Dealing with a stressful friend situation that I could really use prayer about. I’ve always heard that you lose friends when you become a widow, but I never believed that was possible with my fabulous friends. Apparently, it still is. The bitter taste of this is not sitting well, and makes me very sad, abandoned, again.

I just don’t understand the reasoning, but in some ways, I do. I wrote a letter-waiting to send it-because I just don’t know what is the appropriate course of action. I hate that I feel punished for losing my husband. It’s ridiculous!

But, besides that, I do feel good. The sun is shining, despite the bitter cold. BRR. I’m excited for this warm weather heading our way soon….I cannot wait!

So, I’m putting off going back to the gym, again. But I am COMMITTING to thursday night, especially since I have a friend coming with me, which makes it so much better. Tonight instead if home-made dinner, laundry-FUN!

This weekend I will have the joy of working on tax/estate stuff (which means opening that basket of mail I haven’t opened in 4 months, no lie) and going through Kevin’s clothes. Wow, what a depressing weekend plan. I plan to have a fun day on Saturday to make up for the dreaful activities that await me on Sunday. Ugh. Can’t I hire people to do this for me? Guess not…

I hope to have my cabin pictures up soon-not too many, just me trying to take pictures of myself, haha. They’re more humorous than anything I think!

I’m hanging in…just upset about this friend situation. I guess a lot of people just don’t think they have the tools, words, whatever, to deal with me, when all I ever expected of them was to just BE a friend.

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  1. Sending love and prayers your way!!!

  2. I understand how you feel about friends. I have that quality of being a loyal friend. I don’t understand why people just don’t have time anymore for friendship but have kept friendships with others. I’m not meaning to sound like I am filled with self pity. I guess I need to see that it wasn’t a quality friendship to begin with.
    sending love and hugs your way,

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