Kevin-10/2007 in Wellsboro, PA

Kevin-10/2007 in Wellsboro, PA

Today, at this time, one year ago, 10/28/2008, Kevin Edward Boitson lost his battle with a rare Angiosarcoma tumor that not only engulfed his body, but with it took our lives, and his life. Kevin was just 36; He and I were blessed to have been together 3 and a half years, one and a half of those as a married couple. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he was the son of Linda Boitson and the late Alan Boitson, who had passed from an Angyna attack just in June 2005-weeks after we began talking online. His brother, Ken Boitson, resides in Winnipeg near his mother Linda. I am so proud to call them family.
Kevin had a deep passion for surf fishing and the ocean. We spent many weekends on the shores of Assateague Island, Maryland soaking up the sun, and catching fish. We enjoyed camping together, and dreaming of a future making our permanent home at the shore. It was something we talked of often, and he loved to brag about catching the 4′ shark with his rod one memorable fishing trip.
Kevin was a joy to be around-those who had the privilege of meeting him could sense his genuine friendliness, and vigor for life, love, and activity. He loved working out at the gym, and kept me on my toes and my muscles sore after hours were spent about 3 times a week working out. He was passionate about taking care of himself, and about taking care of me.
He was grateful to be here in the states after a frustrating year long battle with immigration, and enjoyed his job as a heating and air conditioning technician for Rohrer’s One Hour HVAC. He made new friends there, and took his job seriously. Prior to that, he had worked for 10 years as a UPS delivery man in Winnipeg-where he also had developed many close friendships.
Kevin was the love of my life and one who changed my future dramatically. I was blessed to be loved by such an amazing man and even more blessed to have been able to share my love with him. Love kept us going, kept us alive, and taught us both deeply about sharing everything and doing what needs to be done no matter what.
I will forever have been blessed to have been able to experience that type of love in my youth. Kevin…… are still my everything. Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love truly means.

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  1. Brenda my thoughts are with you today!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to a very special and unique individual. Take care of yourself Brenda, you are always, but especially today, in my thoughts and my prayers.

  3. You, Auntie Linda, Ken and especially Kevin have been on my and our minds throughout the day and mine for some time. Kevin was a great man, friend, cousin and one of the brothers I never had. I think of him so often and remember many fun times we shared over the years. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as the first anniversary of his passing is upon us all. Take good care and our love to all. Love Doug, and everyone else. xoxoxoxo

  4. You have made it through that first year, Brenda, and I can sense the spirit of survival in your words today. I only met Kevin one time, but the impression he made on me during those few minutes was lasting, and you were both indeed blessed to have had each other’s love.

  5. The first anniversary is, as you now know, just horrible…but the anticipation of these
    dates will from now on be worse than the date itself. Just don’t lose yourself in memories – the future is yours.

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