Project: Unleashed – Conquering a Fear

Tonight I told my editor that I’m committing to a publishing contest and together we are going to put together a book proposal for my memoir.

I committed.

The biggest fear I have is commitment.  Not really in people, as evidenced by my recent engagement, but to things, time, goals, dreams, hopes, faith.  I have trouble committing to these items since I really have no clue what the outcome might provide (goes back to my control problem).  A contest is just as intimidating as sending it through traditional publishing channels; experts will be reviewing and critiquing my work and they may say no.  But, I tend to be good at contests, and besides having a very passionate story to share with the world, my writing has come quite a long way from the first days of my Boitsons blog in 2008.

So, fear of commitment to my writing, fear of rejection, fear of financial commitment, I’m kicking you to the curb.  We’re doing this.  Mid-March is the deadline, so this is where you, the reader, come in: make sure I’m writing, check in and ask how it’s coming along, and feel free to kick me off Facebook and Twitter when necessary.

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  1. YES!! This is excellent! You’ve got this, Brenda. So proud of you for conquering this fear and putting yourself out there. Now, go write your heart out!! <3

  2. You can do it Brenda!!

  3. Thank you JOanna!

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