Right Place, Right Time, Every Single Second.

Could it be possible that in every second we are in the right place at the right time?  Is it possible?  Is it crazy to think this?

I am starting to think not, which is vastly different from what I believed over 3 1/2 years ago listening to Kevin’s cancer diagnosis.  Wrong place.  Wrong time.  Wrong everything.

Of course, typing this I am in a happy state of mind.  Life is going smoothly, no big hiccups, and I’m not in the midst of tragedy or bad circumstances.  I will admit that when I am, it’s hard to believe this.  It is hard to accept that the bad times still mean that I am in the right place at the right time.  Right and bad never go together in my mind.

I do have the benefit of reflection.  I can see that what happened 3 1/2 years ago brought me to this place.  To a new relationship.  To a new home.  To a new job.  To a new faith.  New doesn’t always feel good, you’re right.  But new isn’t always bad.  Sometimes it’s good and it just takes a while to see the good occur.

Recently I have been listening to “Everyday a Friday” by Joel Osteen.  Starting a new job means meeting many new people and learning more about their stories both past and present.  I am learning, realizing and embracing that I am meant to be here, now, in this situation, circumstance and life for a purpose and a reason.

It doesn’t mean I like it.  But fortunately today, I do.

It doesn’t mean it makes sense.  Today it does.

It doesn’t mean it feels good.  Some times it does.

Just being aware and seeing things present themselves in my daily life helps me to see the purpose that I bring to my life every second.  Whether it is mundane or not doesn’t matter.  I’m here for this.  For them.  For something greater than the issues I face.  How are you embracing your present?


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  1. Like you, I struggle to embrace the present. Some days it is much easier than others for sure!

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