Suffocation by Schedule

About 3/4 of my phone calendar is highlighted in green. That means only about 1/4 of my life right now is “free” time and even that I have mentally slated away to certain people. I, in fact, just had to green schedule one of my best friends to ensure her that I would have a night out with her! This has become too much.

Having taken on a new responsibility with my mostly full time job, I am feeling more and more anxiety with scheduling my life. Wasn’t I just talking about opening and clearing my schedule? Roughly 3 weeks of school left until I am DONE (until the Fall). I now am back to 5 job titles, 2 of which I mostly work during my mostlly full time job, 1 takes some evenings and weekends, 1 is on my own time, and 1 is just Thursday afternoons. TOO MUCH. Granted this new responsibility came with a little extra funding, but it’s still added stress even though I stressed to them my inability to work it on nights/weekends. However, that just means doing more with the OTHER night/weekend job so that they can handle the new responsibilities of this added position. Confused yet? Me too.

Thankfully most of May’s green highlights are vacation related-such as a nice 5 day trip to the Smokies. But I won’t fool myself-the green will quickly take over my life, and suffocate me somemore.

I realize this is all part of adulthood-work, schedules, a LIFE, but somedays, I really just wish I had no life and could do as I pleased when I pleased. Apparently, I am in desperate need of a vacation.

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