To Reality TV or Not to Reality TV

Sometimes you need friends to put your life in perspective. Like Janet for example whose post today focused on thankfulness. Janet has been through a lot, just read her story. Yet she’s thankful for a lot. Am I?

I seem to be constantly searching for the next big thing, however, the next big thing keeps landing in my lap. Today I received an email from a casting director of a famous reality TV show. Now, let me preface this by saying that I truly dislike 98% of reality TV. This, fortunately, fits into that slight 2% otherwise I would not have mentioned anything. I received a VIP pass to a casting call in NYC. It would be a big commitment, but the results, if selected, would be huge. My body would be in better shape, and it would hopefully give me a chance to share my story, and raise awareness, to a much larger audience. But is it worthwhile? Should I just be thankful for what I have NOW, keep my head down, and walk forward?

I am contemplating a lot of changes in my life, and many of those changes include cutting a lot of things out of my life. I want to focus hard on the things that matter most to me, that are important, that will reap the greatest reward for all. Does this fit into that picture? It’s certainly not something I ever considered, but the platform it would give me certainly has great appeal.

So I want to hear the advice: would you ever participate in a reality TV show? Why or why not? Do you think it’s worthwhile even pursuing this? Let me have it!

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  1. You absolutely need to go to the casting call, in my opinion. You’ll get even more information about the show, get a better feel for the ins and outs of it, and get a sense of the other people involved. This could open so many more doors for you– how amazing that could be! Then again, maybe you wouldn’t be chosen but it would give you a life experience– good or bad– that most people don’t have the opportunity for. I say go for it!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Brenda.

    And soooo cool!! A “VIP pass to a casting call in NYC” how cool. My initial response is to say GO, DO, BE!!
    And after thinking it over for a while … my response is GO, DO, BE!

    Yes, if I was you, I would at least check out the option. Reality TV has it’s downsides, but it’s can also be a great opportunity.

    In April, 2003 … as Jerry, I and the boys were traveling in California. Through connections of a friend of a friend, our family was interviewed for a reality show. It would have meant living with a camera on us for about a month. The boys were 11, 13 and 15 at the time and they weren’t thrilled with the idea, but said yes to the interview. After the interview, they were even less thrilled with the idea and Jerry wasn’t into it either. So we decided we won’t do it … because it would affect all of us, the decision involved all of us. (we never heard back, so obviously we didn’t interview well 🙂 So talk to the people closest to you who’s opinions you respect and then go for it!

    btw … it’s not this Saturday, is it? I’m going to NYC all day.

  3. It’s actually NEXT Saturday 🙂 I saw you’ll be in NYC and wished I could join your trip that’s going, but I have a wedding. My response so far has been yes, but I really don’t know that it fits into my plan of what I see for my all!

  4. Thanks Darla. In consulting my family, there’s so much to think about. I think most of us are in agreeance to at least go and check it out. However, there are many negatives to consider, much of which is “how could I survive for 6 months without seeing them” and what would I have to give up to do this?

  5. I think you at least have to check it out. You’ll probably get a feel for it it’s a right fit when you go, don’t you think?

  6. I think so too-thanks Becky!

  7. Six months with seeing family/friends? Can they visit at all? This sounds eerily like my experience in the 60s when I entered the convent as a young nun, miles away from my hometown. Or is the idea to be able to surprise them all with your “new look”? That could be scary..”Who ARE you???” Actually, that was sort of my experience when they saw me in the old-fashioned nun’s garb!

    If I was -ahem!- “invited” on the show “What Not to Wear,” I would go in a heartbeat. That show only lasts a week!

    I am selfish and want you to go, but only if they allow you to continue to blog!!!Can they stop you from writing about your experience? You could also write and turn it into a book later. You go, girl!

  8. I am thinking more and more that I won’t go. I don’t feel like this is the right time in my life for something like this, if ever. I have so many things I have going here, that to up and leave for a left field opportunity wouldn’t be worthwhile to me.

  9. I say go with your gut feeling on this. If you are even the slightest hesitant then don’t do it. You will know in heart if you made the right decision.

  10. While I was hanging out with a friend named Greg, he got a phone call from ABC. They were asking him if he was interested in being on a ghost hunting reality show of sorts. He gave it a few second of thought and then came back to our meeting, sharing ideas about how to bring people in the area to Jesus.

    I’m pretty sure he didn’t go on the show. But we all thought it would be ridiculously cool to see somebody full of the Holy Spirit on a show like that.

  11. As long as you don’t have to eat worms or roadkill….lol! It could be a great opportunity but I can fully understand the *not* wanting to go also! Congratulations on being an Auntie, you’ll be awesome!

  12. I decided against going for many reasons, but thanks for sharing!

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