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This is what I enjoy re-reading. In a way, Kevin saying something to me long before I needed him to, but something that has helped me a lot. This was in a conversation on facebook he had with a dear friend who had lost his wife:

Eventually you learn to cope with it and then you get to move on-almost like being reborn although not quite because it will always hurt. I know if I ever lost Brenda I would never be free of the hurt and I don’t know how anyone could if they really love someone. You pick yourself up the best you can and hopefully you can find someone special again when you are ready to. You shouldn’t feel guilty about it either because I know if I died I would certainly want Bren to find someone. Nobody should have to go through life alone.

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  1. God bless him for leaving you these words to find.
    My Gavin and I had a conversation about my finding a new love right after he was diagnosed, and I was so thankful he’d made his wishes clear when it was time for me to start dating. (Even though I probably would have done it anyway!).
    He really loved you!



  2. wow…
    thats pretty amazing
    I suppose with all the bad computers/internet bring-there is definetly the good!!!

  3. 🙂 Truer words were never spoken. “Nobody should have to go through life alone.”

  4. 🙂

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