Communication Collapse

My career’s communication pretty much failed this weekend, mostly thanks to technology, and some due to some other issues. But when it fails, it’s a ricochet event.

This is how it has been in my relationships as well-text, emails, and social media have made it so much “easier” to connect with others, but sometimes typing the words out fail to relay the true message or context of what is being said. I find this happening too, in my blogs, through my widowhood journey.

I met with fellow writers on Friday to discuss how to get my writing and thoughts out to the public, to really initiative the change of how we discuss grief. I cannot get us to discuss it if I do not do it myself.

Today I sent out nearly a dozen emails to local grief organizations offering up my speaking abilities on behalf of young grief. But what makes me an expert? I do not have a PHD, or any psychiatry experience, but what I do have is wisdom. Wisdom on a subject that we fail to discuss.

I hope to change that, and I hope you can help me too! If you know of a place that may be willing to host me as a speaker, to discuss young grief, and how society talks about grief and loss, then please message me the information, or pass along my contact information.

In the meantime, I would love for you to share how you have discussed grief in your household, and if you haven’t, why not?

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  1. Great first step Brenda. Keep looking for opportunities to share.

  2. My oldest was 5 when our baby died suddenly, so we talk about that grief every so often and how everyone copes differently. As my parents and grandparents get sicker, we talk as a family about how to respond to their deaths.

  3. It is so important to do this, and I think it’s great that you talk about, as difficult as it is. Thank you for sharing and stopping by.

  4. Thank you for great articles. I really happy to read your posting and hopping it help for me and other people. Thank you.

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