D-Dog Time

D-Dog (aka Dimebag Darrell Boitson-yes, yes, I just put his WHOLE name on here, laugh away. My dear friends Ashley and Shawn named their litter of kittens all after rockers. Ours is “Dimebag Darrell” after the now deceased rocker from the screaming band, Pantera. In the litter was also Jimi Hendrix, White Stripe and Beastie Boy) is LOVING being with his mommy again. Although, I’m sure he secretly misses Layla the toddler chasing him all over the Mellinger’s house, haha. Here’s him playing this morning with his catnip mouse.





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  1. Darrell looks content! 🙂 Loved the pictures of your apartment. Looks like you have a great place!

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