How to Find & Create Shower Gifts on the Cheap

It can become expensive to celebrate your loved one’s biggest life moments such as marriage and children. There are so many ways to get creative and come up with fabulous shower gift ideas on the cheap.

As much as we all hate to admit it, re-gifting is always an option. Whether it didn’t fit, didn’t look right, or wasn’t your style, there are a multitude of reasons as why you do not want to keep certain gifts. It is perfectly acceptable to regift a present to someone who has not seen or given the gift. For example, avoid regifting if it is back to the person that gave it to you, and avoid regifting if it was from a shower or party that the receiver attended.

Get crafty! Many of us don’t know how to sew or decoupage, but there are simple things we can do to create a perfect shower gift. Use new, unopened items you already have in your house to make up a gift basket. You can also consider using talents you already possess to create a completely unique idea. Think of the things you enjoy doing: gardening, babysitting, playing music, hiking. If it’s for a bridal shower, offer to plant their first vegetable garden and say that you will provide the seeds of their choice. For a baby shower, consider offering 2 evenings of free babysitting!

Something else to consider is to give group gifts with friends. Go in on a larger gift. It not only saves you money, but helps to provide the receiver with the bigger items on their registry that are less likely to be purchased.

Call it even, yep, I said it. You both have birthdays or showers within a few months of each other. Agree to not buy each other gifts! Trust me, your friend will probably be grateful that she doesn’t have to spend money on you either. It may sound a little selfish, but in the long run, it’s still even.

Stock up and watch for sales. If you like to give the same type of gift to everyone, stock up when something is being discontinued or goes on sale. I have a friend who purchases tea towels at the end of each holiday and then gifts them together so the bride has a full set of seasonal tea towels. It’s a great idea, and she gets a great discount.

As usual, the best way to do life on the cheap, is to get creative. Thinking just outside the box can save you time, energy, and not to mention, money.

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  1. This post is timely as I three weddings and showers each to attend between now and July. And one of the showers I am helping to give. Yes, it can get expensive.

    I struggle when the bride is registered somewhere on whether I should buy her something she obviously has chosen and would like as compared to a more generic gift. I think it takes knowing the person and knowing what they would appreciate.

    I think the regifting idea is fine, as long as it’s a nice gift that you just didn’t need.

  2. It does get expensive. If I do shop off the registry, I’ll get a few of the cheapest items to fill a gift basket.

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