How to Find Jobs in a Tough Economy

I have had numerous jobs over the past 10 years, everything from dining room hostess to Mary Kay consultant. I tend to start, and never go anywhere. For those of us in the same boat, or for those who have found themselves unemployed due to this tough economy, there are many options in this technologically advanced world to find a job.

Updating your resume should be the first plan of action. Many computer programs and online employment websites, have built-in resume builders. If you have never created a resume before, you can use these tools to sort through past jobs, talents, awards, skills and references. It is always a good idea to verify your references before you place their name and number in your resume.

Once your resume is in place, it’s time to hunt down the perfect job. To begin your search, place your resume on job websites such as and Both are reputable websites where employers can search for you while you search for them.  Perform advanced job searches on these websites. Look for specifics such as full time/part time, days you are available to work, location and salary expectations.

The next step in your job hunt is to look local. Look for help wanted signs, check your local newspaper, in print and online, and ask for referrals. You would be surprised how many great jobs are available if you ask. Research which companies offer the employment benefits and careers that you would enjoy, and call them to find if they are hiring. If they are not, many are willing to keep your resume and application on file for future positions that may come available.

Searching for jobs in person can also be very beneficial. Take the time to visit human resource departments for larger companies and fill out their applications in person, dressed for an interview. Some will offer interviews on the spot, and this can put you first in line for a great job.

If your job search is turning bleak, do not hesitate to place an application with local staffing agencies. While it may not be your desired employment for long-term, it can provide you with income, and some offer benefits. This will help to fill the gap between careers, and may open doors for you to be employed by the company you desire.

If you have exhausted all of these options, consider looking into career training programs offered by state, county, and local unemployment offices. Some will send you to specific trainings to further your skills, or give you new skill sets. Completing these programs can offer even more employment opportunities.

Consider going back to college or a technical school if you can afford it, or if you can quality for financial aid or grants. There are many grants and resources available for the skyrocketing unemployment sector, to attend school. Make sure you choose something you enjoy, and that has high demand, long and short term, employment to keep you in the career of your choosing.

Search, search, search relentlessly. This is key to finding a decent job in this high demand employment crisis. The standards are higher than ever, and you may be one of 1000 vying for one position. Find ways to set yourself apart from the others, and put on a smile.

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