Loss over the Holidays

Experiencing loss just before the hoiday seasons is never easy. While I had a nice thanksgiving (and as usual ate WAY too much-haha), it was still so hard to experience this holiday without Kev.

I really miss him so much. I haven’t been able to cry for a few days, and that’s frustrating. I know it comes and goes, and I should enjoy my rest from that type of mourning, but it’s still hard to NOT be able to accept not crying. Sometimes I feel like without tears, I’m not mourning him the way I should be, or want to be.

I’m feeling very lonely, despite everyone around me. I know I have such a great support system, and I am so appreciative for them, but it still feels lonely without Kev to share life with. I truly miss just not having him to talk to, to see on certain moments. It feels so lonely to not have him hear to help take care of me while I’m sick now.

🙁 Just a sad time of year right now, and being pretty sick with this nasty bronchitis doesn’t help.

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