Making the Decision to Take Anti-Depressants

When my husband was diagnosed with Angiosarcoma, I was depressed. Any family that has just faced the news of cancer is devastated, and rightly so. Following this news, you are depressed, sad, angry, but also can be hopeful and faithful. My depression was, and is, completely justified. Our life has been turned upside down with surgery, chemotherapy, medications, and lack of finances. Some days it can be hard just getting out of bed to deal with yet another difficult day.

Through these circumstances, it is completely normal to break down and cry. It is expected of you to have a pity party and be sad about your situation. Society has almost stifled these natural emotions, because of the readiness of anti-depressants to get you through even the slightest difficult time. It is when depression becomes an ongoing, everyday occurrence in your life that you need to make a mental note to visit your doctor. I found that depression hit more often than hopefulness and faithfulness.

I believe in God, but sometimes that does not help you through some of the most difficult times you face in life. It has given me hope, but I have found that more often I thought of the statistics of my husband’s cancer and how bad things could turn out.

Never having been a pro-drug fanatic, I found it hard to make the call to visit my local doctor. I know the side effects of anti-depressants can be difficult to manage and wasn’t ready to be a clean slate of un-emotion. However, I knew that I was also not dealing well with everyday life. When your depression and anxieties interrupt even the simplest task of going to the grocery store, it is more than time to see your doctor.

There may come a time in your life when you need to make the decision as to whether or not the sadness and guilt you are feeling is normal. Sometimes, it is, but sometimes it is a deeper rooted problem called depression and anxiety. We face many different and difficult situations in life, and it is normal and expected for you to cry and be “down”. In fact, you should embrace these feelings. But when the tears flow too often, and you find that you are more sad than happy, it is time to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

If you face a difficult situation, and find yourself hindered in doing daily activities or are feeling in any way suicidal, please see your doctor to discuss the possibility of depression.  There are many different solutions such as therapy and support groups. Discuss all the options with your doctor, and find out which therapy may be most suitable for your life circumstance. Do not be afraid to embrace the emotions of the time, but be pro-active when it is time to move forward and seek help.

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