Top 70+ SPF Sunscreens

For those of us blessed with pale, milky skin, going outside can be absolute torture. I have grown up with very pale skin, and my family and I have tried everything under the sun to get proper, safe skin protection from the sun.

One of the first products I found in my search for top-rated sun protection, was Aveeno SPF 70 Continuous Protection spray for the body, and Continuous Protection lotion for the face. The product is not only waterproof, but very lightweight, so that you don’t feel sticky throughout the day.

Coppertone, one of the leading names in sun protection, offers 70+ SPF in both their Sport line, and their Nutrashield line. The Sport line offers the basic sun protection, along with waterproof resistance, and sweat resistance. Their new Nutrashield line helps to keep your skin protected from the sun and keep it younger looking. The latter product is designed for women and is fragrance free.

Neutrogena offers several sun protection items 70 SPF and higher. Included in their line is a sport face lotion in SPF 70, their Age Face Shield in SPF 90, Ultimate Sport Sunblock in SPF 70, and Ultra Sheer in SPF 85. Neutrogena is known to have great products for your skin that will prevent against breakouts caused from sunscreen. Many of their products are oil free, waterproof, and sweatproof.

Another great name in sun protection is Hawaiian Tropic. Their Ultimate Protection line offers both sprays and lotions in SPF 70 and SPF 80. The lotion is oil free and the spray is a lightweight, long lasting formula.

Banana Boat offers their Ultra Defense and and Sport Continuous Spray in SPF 85. Promoting a water resistant non-greasy formula in the sport spray, and a superior water resistant formula in the ultra defense spray, both products are sure to offer excellent sun protection.

Despite a higher SPF being important for those with especially pale skin, re-application is key to keeping your skin in tact. I like to use a general rule of thumb to reapply every hour if you are very pale, and to always reapply after exposure to water. Do not forget that cloudy days can cause skin damage as well, so lather up and stay safe.

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