What Really Changes Us?

Habits are usually things we learn from our surroundings: possibly things that our parents did, quirks that got us through in our childhood, or just doing things to fill the time. What really changes those things? When we read an article, watch a movie, hear a tidbit, and think “Wow, I should really look into that” or “I really need to stop this/start that” how long does it last?

In my life the things that have changed me permanently were the things of biggest impact. Love, Marriage, Loss are the three things that pop immediately into my mind. Other than that, have the little things in life that I have heard and witnessed made a significant change in the way I proceed with my life?

We all have those moments when we start new patterns, but often do not stick. Being on a “diet” that I REFUSE to acknowledge as that (we’ll call it a LIFESTYLE CHANGE) is one of those things in my life. On the rollercoaster of losing/gaining weight most things have not stuck. This 2 month long streak of taking care of myself finally feels like its sticking, unlike before. So what did it? Was it being fed up with now feeling as limber? Feeling unattractive? Hoping my weight will change my dating life? What clicked in my brain to make the change? For this, I have no “AHA” moment other than I’m sick of being sick, I’m sick of being fat, I’m sick of feeling bleh and it was just time for a change! Being fed up can definitely be a strong motivator.

Love was probably my biggest moment of change. Learning to love someone properly, and then learning to love myself when the other half of that love was taken. That’s an incredible amount of change and something that still defines my life immensely.

When it comes down to little habits, often we don’t bother changing them because they do not have a significant effect (or is it affect? 😉 ) on our lives. It seems pointless to change something that has always been. But what about when we hear of things that shake our world so much that we jump to action? Does it stick? 10 years from now will we still care about it, or did we care enough about it at the time that it made a difference or did we just ruffle a few feathers?

In 2010, my year of more change, I think a lot about what will stick in these habits. Am I going to be content with doing life no matter what or is it a fleeting moment? Will I be halfway through my weight loss goal by this summer and be able to be a beach cutie at Assateague? Will I be able to view life through unfogged goggles and see it what it truly is and to wash the heartache away a little bit more? What is going to stick?

The little things can make a big difference if we recognize them, and the little things should shake our world just like the big stuff. Take your goggles off and shake your world up a bit. What I remember most about the past is the little stuff….it just took something truly huge to make me realize that. Don’t wait for your something huge. Take the little now, eat it up bite by bite, and make the change.

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