A Calmness

Today was a very calming day, thankfully. I relaxed throughout the morning, and then joined my brother for lunch. Afterwards, I ran a few fun errands, and then chilled at home. After that, Joni stopped in for a chat, and then I headed out to Texas Roadhouse for my favorite steak with a great friend. Finished the night with the midnight showing of Quantom of Solace-007, and it was FABULOUS. I love Bond movies!

Overall, it was a successfully calm day. It felt good to smile, laugh hysterically, and bask in the glow of friends warm faces. I find that as much as I grieve, I can laugh and love the life and legacy that Kevin has left for me. He truly instilled in me a confidence, a love, a passion and a faith that I never would have discovered without his love and devotion. I have so much to be thankful for, so much to appreciate, even while grieving him.

One minute at a time, and faithfully thanking God for this quiet.

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